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How to Make the Perfect Egg Fried Rice

Boiled too much rice or unsure of what to cook with your leftover ingredients? Why not make a quick and easy egg fried rice? The classic Chinese Egg Fried rice [蛋炒飯] is the quintessential dish loved by everyone as it's so simple, quick to make and delicious. Here we have a recipe on how to make the perfect Egg Fried Rice with your leftover ingredients.

Ingredients for egg fried rice

What you'll need:


  • Put your rice into a large bowl and break up the clumps until all the rice grains are separated.
  • Dice onion, meat, vegetables of your choice into small pieces.
  • Thinly chop spring onion and coriander.
  • Break and beat your eggs into a separate bowl.

Tossing egg fried rice in a large wok


  1. Heat your wok or pan to a medium to high heat, then add oil to a hot pan. Swirl the oil around until you see smoke.
  2. Add your beaten eggs and scramble until slightly half way cooked so it's still slightly runny. Set aside.
  3. Reheat the wok/pan and add more oil. Make sure the wok is as high as it can go.
  4. Put your rice in and fry until it is heated through for about 2 minutes. Break up any more clumps with your ladle/spatula.
  5. Add in the onions, meat or vegetables and fry till warmed throughout, constantly turning the rice so it doesn't burn. Add salt and white pepper powder to taste.
  6. Add the scramble egg back in until egg is distributed throughout the rice.
  7. Pour in light soy sauce and sesame oil to mix in with the rice, constantly turning to add aroma.
  8. Add in the spring onions and coriander. Continue to stir fry until well combined.
  9. Dish up and garnish with some freshly chopped spring onion or coriander and enjoy!

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Bowl of egg fried rice next to three eggs