Fanta Green Soda Flavour (Banana, Pineapple and Orange)

*Fanta Green Soda Flavour (Banana, Pineapple and Orange) (Can) 325ml

  • Description: Quench your thirst with the bubbly and flavorful Fanta Green Soda. Fanta Green Soda Flavour is a refreshing and tropical drink that combines the flavours of banana, pineapple and orange in one can.

    Fanta Green Soda Flavour is a unique and delicious soda popular in Thailand, where it is produced. It is made with natural flavours and no artificial colours.

    Customers love this soda because it offers a different and exotic experience from the usual Fanta flavours, and because it reminds them of the sunny and tropical paradise of Thailand. Fanta Green Soda Flavour is a great choice for anyone who loves fruit and soda, and who wants to try something new and exciting. You will be missing out if you don’t place your orders now.

    How to Enjoy Your Fanta Green Soda Flavour the Tuk Tuk Way:

    There are many ways to enjoy your Fanta Green Soda Flavour. Here are some great suggestions:

    • The easiest and most convenient way to enjoy this beverage is by drinking straight from the can, especially if you are on the go or want a quick refresher.
    • You can pour it into a glass with ice cubes. This is a more elegant and refreshing way to enjoy the drink, especially at home or when hosting a party.
    • You can use it as a base for a cocktail or a mocktail.

    Fanta Green Soda is served best on any occasion that calls for a refreshing and sweet beverage, such as a picnic, your birthday, a barbecue, or a holiday event.

    Storage: Store your Fanta Green Soda Flavour in your refrigerator or a well-ventilated, dry area shielded from direct sunlight.


  • Nutrition Information:

    Typical Values

    per 100g

    Energy (kJ)

    251 kJ/ 60 kcal

    Fats (g)


    of which saturates (g)


    Total Carbohydrate (g)


    of which sugar (g)


    Dietary Fibre


    Protein (g)






    Allergen Information: None.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Harriet Dickinson
What I’ve been hunting for

Partner had this years ago on holiday and hasn’t been able to find it since, absolutely spot on and amazing service! Will be reordering!

Icky Dodd

The Fanta Green Soda is a refreshing & lovely drink, which I'll definitely be buying again.

Hannah-Mae Trow
Tastes amazing!

Can’t quite put my finger on what the taste reminds me of but it’s definitely deliciously fruity. One of the best Fanta drinks I’ve tried so far.