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Hata Ramune Strawberry 200ml

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  • Description

    Experience the bubbly delight of Japan's iconic summer beverage with Hata Ramune Strawberry 200ml. This refreshing drink captures the essence of playful, effervescent ramune with a sweet and juicy strawberry twist. It's not just a drink; it's a taste of Japanese festival culture, right in your hands.

    Hata Ramune Strawberry is presented in the traditional glass bottle sealed with a marble, combining fun and flavor in a unique packaging design that has been loved for generations. The fizzy sensation and the burst of strawberry flavor make it an irresistible treat for all ages. Whether you're a long-time fan of ramune or looking for a new and exciting soft drink experience, this strawberry variant offers a perfect blend of sweetness and nostalgia.

    Perfect for hot summer days, picnics, or as a special treat to enjoy anytime, Hata Ramune Strawberry is more than just a beverage; it's an experience. The act of popping the marble to open the bottle adds an element of fun and tradition to your refreshment time.

    How to Enjoy Hata Ramune Strawberry the Tuk Tuk Way

    Hata Ramune Strawberry is versatile and can be enjoyed in various fun and refreshing ways:

    • Chill and Serve: Serve chilled for a refreshing burst of strawberry and fizzy goodness.

    • Party Beverage: Add a fun twist to your parties or gatherings by including Hata Ramune Strawberry as a quirky and delightful beverage option.

    • Mix It Up: Use it as a base for creative mocktails, mixing with other fruit juices or soda flavors to create your own signature drinks.

    Pair it with light snacks, such as Japanese Rice Crackers, for a perfect mid-afternoon treat or during your next movie night for a refreshing companion to your favorite films.

    Dive into the effervescent world of Hata Ramune Strawberry 200ml and let each sip bring you closer to the heart of Japanese summer festivals. Grab a bottle now, pop the marble, and enjoy the fizzy, fruity adventure that awaits!

    Storage: Keep your Hata Ramune Strawberry in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Chill before serving for the best taste experience. Once opened, consume it immediately to enjoy its maximum fizziness.

  • Nutrition Information:

    Typical Values

    Per 100ml




    163.17KJ / 39.0kcal



    of which saturates


    Total Carbohydrate


    of which sugar


    Dietary Fibres







    Allergen Information: None.

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