R&B Chinese Modern Design Noodle Bowl with Lid

*R&B Chinese Modern Design Noodle Bowl with Lid (155mmx107mm)

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Elevate your dining experience with the R&B Chinese Modern Design Noodle Bowl. The R&B Chinese Modern Design Noodle Bowl with Lid is a stylish and practical bowl that is perfect for enjoying your favourite noodles. Made from premium materials, this bowl features a sleek and modern design that adds to the finishing of your kitchen decor.

The texture of the bowl is smooth and glossy, with a comfortable and easy-to-hold grip. The size of the bowl is 155mm in diameter and 107mm in height, making it perfect for a generous serving of noodles or soup. The provided lid aids in preserving heat, ensuring your meals remain delightfully warm. 

Customers love this noodle bowl for its durable construction, making it suitable for everyday use. The minimal yet refined design introduces a touch of sophistication to your table arrangement, ideal for both informal and formal occasions. Secure yours now; it will be one of your fantastic acquisitions.

Product Specification:

Height: 107mm

Diameter: 155mm

Weight: 231g

Dishwasher: Safe

Microwave: Safe

Package(s): 1

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How to Enjoy the Functionality of the R&B Chinese Modern Design Noodle Bowl with Lid the Tuk Tuk Way

The Ramen Bowl with Lid is a versatile addition to your kitchen, offering various uses for your culinary needs. 

Here are some ways you can use this product:

  • The bowl is ideal for noodle dishes, whether it's ramen, udon, or any other noodle soup. The lid helps retain heat, ensuring your noodles stay warm throughout your meal.
  • Use it to serve individual portions of stews, casseroles, or any other hearty dishes. In addition to an enhanced dining experience, the lid keeps the food warm.
  • Great for serving side dishes like rice, steamed vegetables, or appetisers. The lid adds an extra element of presentation and helps maintain the temperature.
  • The bowl is microwave-safe, allowing you to reheat or cook dishes directly in the bowl conveniently.
  • Finally, it is a thoughtful gift for someone who loves Asian cuisine.

Storage Information:

For optimal storage and care of the R&B Chinese Modern Design Noodle Bowl with Lid, it is highly recommended you note the storage information listed below:

  • When not in use, these bowls are designed to stack neatly. Stack them carefully, ensuring that the lids are placed securely to prevent any damage.
  • The bowls should be shielded from direct sunlight in a cool, dry location. Over time, extended exposure to sunlight may have an impact on the material's colour and quality.
  • While the bowls are microwave-safe, avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures. Before storing them in the refrigerator, let them cool slightly and avoid freezing them.
  • If you're using these bowls to store leftovers in the refrigerator, use the lid. The lids help maintain freshness and prevent odours from affecting the contents.

Customer Reviews

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E Royle
Good bowl

Great value for the money

Aizlynn J
New Noodle Bowls

Good size, our old knackered ones were a bit larger...Oh well. I really would recommend these bowls. They are just what I use alot.