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Rare Snacks

Rare Japanese Snacks, Candy and Ingredients Imported to Tuk Tuk Mart

Japanese Pocky Sticks, Japanese Mochi, Japanese Popping Candy and many more Japanese biscuits, chocolate, cakes, puddings, desserts and potato chips are all available at Tuk Tuk Mart in the UK.

At Tuk Tuk Mart we import directly from Japan the rarest and best Japanese snacks and candy. This means that you can get it online from us in the UK and get next day delivery! No more wondering where to buy pocky in the UK, or paying huge shipping fees, we have new deliveries of different rare pocky flavours every week! (Matcha Pocky, Double Chocolate Pocky, Strawberry Pocky, Chocolate Pocky, Fruity Blueberry Pocky, Fruity Strawberry Pocky, Milky Pocky and Choco Banana Pocky). 

If you’re more of a Kit Kat fan, we also have your favourite luxury Japanese Kit Kat flavours at Tuk Tuk Mart, such as Matcha Kit Kat, Ruby Kit Kat, Wasabi Kit, Mini Kit Kats, Pink Kit Kats. We really are the centre for Japanese snacks in the UK. Whether you live in London, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool or anywhere in between in the UK, we will deliver next day to you.

Browse our snacks section to see for yourself, and check out our Malaysian snacks, Taiwanese snacks, Chinese snacks and South Korean snacks too! If you don’t have a sweet tooth, don’t worry, we have a huge range of Asian ingredients such as a sushi equipment and ingredients range.