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Simple & Tasty Unagi Don Grilled Eel Rice Recipe

'Unagi' is the Japanese word for eel. Enjoy making a Japanese classic dish in your own kitchen. Drizzled, sweet caramelised unagi sauce over perfectly grilled unagi and steamed rice. This is a must-try for beginners and expert cooks alike.

Why you should try Unadon (鰻丼)

Unadon is short for Unagi (eel) and Donburi (rice bowl dish). Unadon is a well known Japanese dish consisting of delicious white rice topped with grilled eel fillets, glazed in a sweetened soy-based sauce (tare) and finally caramelised. 

This dish is nutritious, rich in Vitamin A, E and Omega-3 fatty acids, so you can eat it and know it will be tasty and healthy!




1. Preheat the grill with a rack placed in the middle for 3 mins. Line a baking sheet with foil (brush/spray baking boil with oil). Next, cut unagi into pieces depending on preference (we recommend in half) and place the unagi on the food, with skin facing down. Grill on medium/high heat until the surface of the unagi has blistered, approx 5-7 minutes. Do not flip the unagi. 

Low/232ºC, Medium/260ºC, High/288ºC.

2. Half way through cooking, brush unagi with the unagi sauce.

3. Grill again for approx 1 minute until you see bubbles on top of the Unagi.


1. Preheat oven to 425°F/218ºC and place rack in the middle. Bake unagi on parchment paper until surface is blistered for approx 10-12 mins. No need to flip the unagi

Serving Instructions

Place cooked rice in a bowl and pour/brush unagi sauce onto the rice. Place the Unagi on top of the rice and then pour/brush more of the unagi sauce onto the dish. Serve and enjoy!