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Fresh Thai Parsley (Stinking) 100g

The Fresh Thai Parsley (Stinking) is a vibrant herb known for its unique aromatic profile. The "stinking" moniker is a testament to its powerful fragrance, a captivating feature that sets it apart from its herbal counterparts.

This flavourful Fresh Thai Stinking Parsley appears in the ingredients of countless authentic Thai recipes. Beyond its culinary contributions, Fresh Thai Parsley carries a dose of nutritional benefits. Rich in vitamins, minerals such as iron and calcium, and antioxidants, it imparts not only flavour but also a healthful touch to your creations.

Each leaf of the Fresh Thai Parsley is handpicked at the peak of freshness, capturing the essence of the sun-soaked fields. This herb's potency translates into a burst of flavour that's unrivalled. From subtly enhancing soups and salads to lending a hint of intrigue to sauces and marinades. Its pristine quality ensures that your dishes receive the finest touch of nature's goodness adding an artistic touch that turns your dishes into visual feasts.

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C Grant

This store is absolutely the best. When there was a problem with my order, they responded immediately and resolved the problem just as fast. There customer service is remarkable. There food items are really good and always within date. Even there seasonings are fresh. I absolutely love this store and will continue to shop there!

Kerwyn Royer

Is as ordered and efficient

Very efficient service

I had a bit of a problem ordering online, then phoned and the lady I spoke to was understanding and rectified the issue efficiently. I will buy from them again. The product was of a very good quality. It was very fresh.

Jessica Kelly

I have been looking for this in the UK for a long time. I was very happy.


Chadon beni for trini cooking and a good price 🙌🏼