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Joytofu XXJ Dried Tofu Spicy Flavour 112g

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  • DescriptionUpgrade your snacking game with this tasty and easy Dried Tofu—a spicy delicacy that captures the essence of classic tofu with a new and intriguing twist. Joytofu XXJ Dried Tofu Spicy Flavour takes tofu to a whole new level. This 112g pack of Dried Tofu is not just a treat for tofu enthusiasts but also for anyone who craves a spicy and savoury snack.

    Joytofu XXJ Dried Tofu has a smooth and crunchy texture that melts in your mouth. It has a spicy and savoury flavour that adds an exciting twist, making it an irresistible snack for those who appreciate bold flavours. The natural tofu texture is complemented by the robust and spicy seasoning, creating a harmonious blend that lingers on your taste buds.

    Joytofu XXJ Dried Tofu has gained popularity among customers for delivering an unforgettable taste experience. The small and portable packaging allows for convenient transportation, whether you're at work, on a picnic, or simply relaxing at home. Try this wholesome snack today and experience a satisfying treat.

    How to Enjoy the Joytofu XXJ Dried Tofu the Tuk Tuk WayWant to enjoy the Joytofu XXJ Dried Tofu in a fun and exciting way? 

    Here you go:

    • Make these spicy dried tofu your lunch or snack time buddy, thereby adding a touch of crispiness to your snack break. Simply open your snack and enjoy.
    • Spread the joy by sharing these delightful treats with friends and family in social gatherings like picnics, reunions, or simply a shared moment with your loved ones.

    The Joytofu XXJ Dried Tofu goes well with these drinks:

    • Tea: Thai Lime Tea, Iced Tea, and Green Tea offer a lighter, refreshing option to balance the richness of the tofu.
    • Juices: offers a sweet and mild pairing for the spicy dried tofu.
    • Sodas: Its effervescence and hint of spice can complement the taste of the tofu.

    Sparkling Water: A neutral option to cleanse the palate between mouthfuls.

    Storage: Please ensure proper storage by keeping the product in a well ventilated, dry location, shielded from direct sunlight.


  • Nutrition Information:

    Typical Values

    per 100g

    Energy (kJ)

    1329 kJ/ 316 kcal

    Fats (g)


    of which saturates (g)


    Total Carbohydrate (g)


    of which sugar (g)


    Dietary Fibre


    Protein (g)






    Allergen Information: This product contains Soybean, Broad bean paste, and Wheat flour.

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