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Royal Gourmet Siu Mai Dumpling (Pork & Prawn) 310g (Frozen)

  • Description:

    The Royal Gourmet Siu Mai Dumpling (Pork & Prawn) is a true masterpiece of culinary excellence, crafted with precision. This frozen delight is renowned for its timeless appeal and remarkable taste, ideal for those seeking a sophisticated dining option that effortlessly blends opulence with convenience.

    In the pursuit of culinary perfection, a carefully selected blend of spices, Fish Sauce, and Chicken Powder is utilised. The Fish Sauce, produced from the finest anchovies, offers a subtle umami taste that enhances the overall richness of these dumplings.

    As a testament to our commitment to taste, each Siu Mai Dumpling is sprinkled with a hint of White Pepper, known for its subtle warmth and distinctive aroma. The addition of carefully chosen Colorings brings a vibrant visual appeal to the plate, showcasing our dedication to a truly luxurious dining experience.

    Tuk Tuk Method:

    Here’s a simple recipe to follow to get the best of your Royal Gourmet Siu Mai Dumpling (Pork & Prawn) the Tuk Tuk way:

    1. Preheat your steamer: Fill a steamer pot with water and bring it to a boil.

    2. Remove the frozen Royal Gourmet Char Siu Dumpling from the packaging and place it on a heatproof plate or bamboo steamer lined with parchment paper.

    3. Carefully place the plate or steamer into the preheated steamer, ensuring that it is elevated above the water level to prevent direct contact.

    4. Steam the dumpling for approximately 10-15 minutes, or until they become soft, fluffy, and heated throughout.

    5. Serve the Royal Gourmet Siu Mai Dumpling (Pork & Prawn) immediately, allowing your guests to savour the irresistible combination of pork and prawn in a dumpling.

    Note: Cooking times may vary depending on the steamer and the desired level of warmth and softness. It's always recommended to follow the instructions on the packaging for the best results.


    This item was originally frozen and may become chilled during delivery. The ice packs we provide are to maintain the temperature of the frozen/chilled goods. Frozen products may appear to be somewhat defrosted when they are delivered to the consumer, but they are still in perfect condition for cooking on the same day. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions or the recommended use-by date. By agreeing to purchase this product you are aware that we cannot accept returns or refunds for chilled/frozen products.


  • Nutrition & Allergen Information

    Typical Values

    per 100g

    Energy (kJ)

    971 kg/233 kcal

    Fats (g)


    of which saturates (g)


    Total Carbohydrate (g)


    of which sugar (g)


    Dietary Fibres (g)


    Protein (g)


    Salt (g)




    Allergen Information: Contains Prawn, Wheat, Soy, Sesame, Fish.


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Gill Cann.

Siu Mai was delicious, and tasted fresh, recently purchased from competitors and they were no where near as tasty as Tuk Tuk




Gorgeous taste, tried many but these are the best either alone to dip or in broth. Highly recommend



Josie Tan
My favourite

Tasty and authentic will buy again