10 Iconic Asian Snacks to Revisit Your Childhood

10 Iconic Asian Snacks to Revisit Your Childhood

With an abundance of new Asian snack choices to choose from, sometimes we all need a taste of nostalgia. You remember the excitement of walking up and down the snack aisle at your local Chinese supermarket, contemplating which snacks to convince your parents to buy? Here we have compiled a list of iconic snacks that we all grew up with.



Starting with a cult classic, Pocky is a renowned Japanese snack consisting of tasty pretzel sticks covered in a variety of chocolate flavours. Which flavour is your favourite?

Japanese Glico Pocky Sticks Chocolate Flavour Pretzels


Choco Pie

Ahh, the good old Choco Pie. A delicious sweet snack consisting of a unique marshmallow filling sandwiched between a soft biscuit covered in chocolate. What's not to love?

Lotte Choco Pie, a classic asian snack. Soft biscuit cake with marshmallow filling covered with chocolate

Ching Kee Cookie Rolls aka Daan Goon [蛋卷]

Pretty much every single Cantonese family had a box of these lying around at all times. Perfect snack to offer guests when they visit! Be sure to have a plate ready though, because these delicious rolls sure can make a mess!

Ching Kee Cookie Rolls


Shrimp Flavoured Crackers

With a strong shrimp flavour, these tasty crunchy crisps are addictive! You can't not finish the whole bag in one sitting. 

Shrimp Flavoured Crackers Nongshim


Haw Flakes

Every Chinese grandmother had at least a pack of these at their place. Haw Flakes are made of hawthorn berries, which taste similar to cranberries. The perfect balance of a sweet and tangy snack.

Haw Flakes, Hawthorn Berry Flakes, Sweet snack, Chinese snack

Rice Crackers

This humble treat is mainly made of rice with salt seasonings, giving its simple flavour. There are different variations including ones that have ‘sugar snow’ on the top and some that are mixed in with seaweed. They are definitely not your standard rice crackers!

Bin Bin Rice Crackers Original Flavour

Hello Panda

Another Japanese treat that is extremely popular and memorable, especially with its cute Panda mascot. A hit with kids, this delicious snack is iconic. Which flavour is your go-to?

Meiji Hello Panda, Strawberry Flavour, Strawberry Flavoured Chocolate Snack

Sachima [沙琪瑪]

These were a household staple growing up! Deliciously sweet, soft, chewy with an eggy flavour. You love them, your parents love them and your grandparents love them. They come in a variety of flavours as well!

Sachima Chinese Snack, Original Flavour, Soft Chewy Eggy Asian Snack

Mango Jelly Pudding

Who doesn't love a bit of mango? These popular jellies are perfect after finishing your main meal if you're craving for something sweet and fruity!

Cocon Mango FLavour Jello Pudding with Coconut Gel and Fruit Pieces


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