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Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce 682ml

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  • Description: If you want to experience the authentic and delicious flavours of Thai cuisine, you need Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce 682ml in your kitchen. This fish sauce is made from quality aged anchovies.

    Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce comes in a large and sturdy glass bottle with a screw-top cap that seals in the freshness and aroma. The sauce has a thick and smooth texture, with a golden brown colour and a unique aroma. It is used for a variety of things, such as a dressing or a flavour enhancer for any dish.

    Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce stands out for its classic look and high quality. It is the ultimate fish sauce for adding depth and complexity to your cooking. Order yours today and discover a fish sauce that ensures consistent distribution of rich umami flavour throughout your dishes!

    How to Add the Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce to Your Meals the Tuk Tuk Way

    Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce is a fantastic sauce that adds depth, umami, and authenticity to your dishes. Here are creative and delicious ways to incorporate this flavorful fish sauce into your meals:

    • Three Crabs Fish Sauce helps you create a savoury marinade for your meats, poultry, or seafood by combining it with other ingredients like garlic, ginger, lime, soy sauce, and a sprinkle of sweetness.

    • Enhance the depth of flavour in soups, dipping sauces and broths by adding Three Crabs Fish Sauce. It is a classic way to create a flavorful meal.

    • Brush in your Three Crabs Fish Sauce onto grilled meats, seafood, vegetables, or roasted dishes before or during cooking. It adds a savoury complexity to the exterior of the ingredients.

    • Finally, you can drizzle Three Crabs Fish Sauce onto fried rice or noodle dishes for a burst of umami. It blends well with the other flavours in the dish, creating a balanced and savoury dish.

    Remember to start with a small amount and adjust to taste, as fish sauce can be pretty strong.

    Storage: Store your Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce in a cool and dry environment. Protect from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture to maintain optimal quality. Always cover up the cap after use.


  • Nutrition Information:

    Typical Values

    per 100ml

    Energy (kJ)

    417 kJ/ 98 kcal

    Fats (g)


    of which saturates (g)


    Total Carbohydrate (g)


    of which sugar (g)


    Dietary Fibre


    Protein (g)





    Allergen Information: This product contains fish (anchovy).

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Splendid fish sauce and fantastic service all around.

Ewan Shearer
The best fish sauce

Tried lots and this just beats RedBoat... fantastic. Great service and good price as well