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Unif Assam Milk Tea Original Flavour 500ml

  • DescriptionDo you want to experience the vibrant blend of bold Assam black tea and creamy milk?

    Look no further. Unif Assam Milk Tea Original Flavour 500ml is a delightful mix of high-quality Assam black tea, made from freshly picked Assam tea leaves and creamy milk, expertly made to capture the essence of traditional Taiwanese milk tea.

    The Unif Assam Milk Tea has a rich taste and smooth and creamy texture. It can either be enjoyed hot or cold, depending on your preference.

    Unif Assam Milk Tea stands out because it is sweetened to the right level and can be enjoyed on the go, at work, or in the comfort of your home. Order yours today and experience the exotic and exquisite taste of Unif Assam Milk Tea!

    How to Enjoy theUnif Assam Milk Tea the Tuk Tuk WayHere are some fantastic ways this premium milk tea can be enjoyed and dish suggestions that pair well with it.:

    • To enjoy it warm, pop the bottle in the microwave for about 30 seconds or pour the contents into a saucepan and heat it until it gently boils. Take care not to overheat the milk tea, as this might affect its flavour and consistency.
    • To enjoy it cold, you can either chill the bottle in the refrigerator for a few hours or add some ice cubes to a glass and pour the milk tea over it. Add toppings like tapioca pearls, jelly, or fruit to make your bubble tea.

    Unif Assam Milk Tea can be paired with various snacks and meals, such as:


  • Storage: Store your Unif Assam Milk Tea in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


  • Nutrition Information:

    Typical Values

    per 100g

    Energy (kJ)

    230 kJ/ 54.9 kcal

    Fats (g)


    of which saturates (g)


    Total Carbohydrate (g)


    of which sugar (g)


    Dietary Fibre


    Protein (g)





    Allergen Information: Milk.


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Ameera M.
Delicious goodness

delivery was good and on time. the drink was very delicious! it is sweet and smooth and wonderful!