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Fresh Ma Khua Puang 100G (Thai Pea Aubergine)


Want to experience the essence of Thai culinary magic? Thai Pea Aubergine is for you.

The Fresh Ma Khua Puang 100G (Thai Pea Aubergine) is a fresh and natural product that brings the authentic taste of Thai cuisine to your home. Pea aubergines are small, green, and round fruits that grow in clusters on a bushy plant. 

The taste profile is a blend of subtle bitterness and a refreshing crunch, making them a versatile addition to various recipes. Their crisp texture provides a satisfying taste, enhancing your overall dining experience.

The Fresh Ma Khua Puang (Thai Pea Aubergine) is loved for its ease of use and versatility. You can simply rinse them and add them to your pot of curry or soup, or crush them and use them as a base for your chilli paste. Order your Thai Pea Aubergine today and appreciate the simplicity and authenticity of fresh, high-quality ingredients in your meals!


How to Enjoy the Fresh Ma Khua Puang 100G (Thai Pea Aubergine) the Tuk Tuk Way

Fresh Ma Khua Puang (Thai Pea Aubergine)  is a versatile ingredient that can enhance the flavours and textures of various dishes.

Here are some meal ideas where you can incorporate Fresh Ma Khua Puang:


  • Add your Fresh Ma Khua Puang to your stir-fries for an extra layer of crispiness. They pair well with a variety of vegetables and proteins, adding a refreshing element to the mix.
  • Toss Fresh Ma Khua Puang into your salads to elevate the crunch factor. Their mild, tangy taste can complement both leafy greens and other salad ingredients.
  • Enhance the texture of your curries or soups by incorporating Fresh Ma Khua Puang. They absorb the flavours of the broth and provide a delightful bite.
  • Fresh Ma Khua Puang can be a star ingredient in vegetarian or vegan dishes, adding both flavour and texture. Consider them in vegetable-based curries or stir-fries.
  • Mix Fresh Ma Khua Puang into rice dishes like fried rice or pilaf for an extra layer of flavour and a pop of colour.


*Remember, the key is to experiment and enjoy the creativity in the kitchen.

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Stephen Williamson

I would like to thank Tuk Tuk for the wonderful products and service on my first order